Pharmacy Technician

Ranjit Lally

Hi, my name is Ranjit and I am a Pharmacy Technician for the Viaduct Primary Care Network.

Ranjit Lally

About My Role

As a Pharmacy Technician I support all aspects of prescribing and medicines including leading improvements in safe and cost-effective prescribing, helping patients to take their medicines and supporting adherence, increasing access to medicines for patients and improving the quality of patient care.

I have also been instrumental in driving forward improvements in repeat prescribing processes across member practices including promotion of repeat dispensing and online ordering, reviewing how clinical documentation regarding medicines from hospitals are managed and aiming to reduce wasted medicines.

I have a keen interest in environmentally sustainable medicines and I have been working with our patients with respiratory problems to ensure they are supported with their inhaler therapies, reducing waste and promoting inhaler recycling with local pharmacies.

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