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About us

About Viaduct primary care network.

Viaduct primary care network is a group of 8+ practices, we work together with other healthcare providers to offer a wider range of services to our patients. These networks were established as part of the NHS Long Term Plan in England to improve the coordination of services between different healthcare providers, including hospitals, community services, and social care.

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What is a primary care network?

Primary care networks are collaborations between general practises and a variety of local providers, such as community services, social agencies, and the voluntary sector.

Local communities of 30,000 to 50,000 people form the basis of the networks. This means they're modest enough to maintain general practice's traditional qualities while still being large enough to provide resilience and collaborative working opportunities.

Primary care networks took on a variety of tasks in July 2019. See how this new way of working can help health and other services collaborate to improve patient access in this short animation.

What do primary care networks do?

Seven new services will be provided by primary care networks to:

• Save lives and enhance health
• Improve the quality of care for people with multiple health conditions
• Contribute to the NHS's long-term sustainability

Below is a list of the seven services available.

• Medication reviews
• Enhanced health in care homes
• Proactive care for those most in need (anticipatory care)
• Personalised care
• Supporting early cancer diagnosis
• Cardiovascular disease case-finding
• Locally agreed action to tackle inequalities.
• GP practices within each network will also be expected to work together to provide a wider range of services than might be possible in individual practices, for example, first contact physiotherapy, extended access and social prescribing.

How does this benefit patients?

• Providing care in different ways to match different people’s needs – including flexible access to advice and support for ‘healthier’ sections of the population, and joined up care for those with complex conditions.

• Focusing on prevention and personalised care – supporting patients to make informed decisions about their care and look after their own health, by connecting them with the full range of statutory and voluntary services.

• Using data and technology to assess population health needs and health inequalities; to inform, design and deliver practice and populations scale care models; support clinical decision making, and monitor performance and variation to inform continuous service improvement.

• Making best use of collective resources across practices and other local health and care providers to allow greater resilience, more sustainable workload and access to a larger range of professional groups.

Which practices are involved?

Viaduct is made up of 8 practices from the Huddersfield area:

• Paddock Surgery
Longwood Surgery
• Crosland Moor Surgery
Meltham Road Surgery
Lockwood Surgery
Fieldhead Surgery
Newsome Surgery
Nertherton Group Practice
New Street Surgery
Thorton Lodge Surgery

Want to learn more about each of these practices?

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Our Vision.

Bring together local GP’s, to work in collaboration with health and social care, voluntary sectors and community groups to provide bespoke health care solutions to our friends, families and local communities we serve to promote a longer and healthier lifestyle.

Our Mission.

01. To provide high quality, safe and professional care for our patients by placing them in the heart of everything we do.

02. To Promote health and wellbeing for disease prevention.

03. To work in partnership with our communities, patients, their families, and carers.

04. To reduce neighbourhood health inequalities.

05. To work in partnership with other agencies to tackle the causes of, as well provide the treatment for illnesses.

06. To be adaptable to the ever-changing needs of our patients and communities.

07. To encourage our patients to communicate with us by joining our patient Forum, talking to us and participating in surveys.

08. To provide our patients & colleagues with an environment which is safe, friendly and supportive.

09. To deliver clinical services based on patient feedback and local priorities & inequalities.

Our Values.

Open & Transparent.

Fair & Equitable.



Our Services

Enhancing patients access to services.

Want to learn more about the services we provide? Click the button below to view our services.

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PCN History

Our timeline

See below the progress we have made over the years.

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Continued focus on Covid-19 support.

Further progress was made at the Cathedral House vaccination hub and a total of 150,000 patients were protected.


Further success with vaccinating patients.

Great vaccination progress was made with local primary care networks collectively vaccinating 50,000 patients.


Covid-19 call to action.

Primary care networks were called upon to help vaccinate the public and setup vaccine hubs.


Viaduct was formed.

Viaduct was formed bringing together 8 general practices to offer more services to patients.